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Spencer - Yung Family History

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to our family history.  When Granny passed away in January, we have lost our single greatest resource for our family history.  Thanks to Richard Spencer and his years of research we have been able to get quite a bit of it down before it was too late. 

Most of what you will find here is what Richard has put together.  I have only filled in a few gaps when the information was available online.  In this site I am including PDF versions of the family tree and family history book. 

The Photo Album is currently unavailable. A virus was uploaded to it and crashed the site. As a precaution I am not re-enabling it until I can find a way to prevent viruses.


Alfred William Spencer
October 14, 1919 -
 September 6, 1965
Agnes Mary Dorothy Yung
January 6, 1921 - 
January 13, 2006

I have chosen to create this site as an online resource for our family to read about our ancestors and to learn about our roots.  Because of this I have started with Al and Agnes and have left out the living members of our family.  As time goes on, I will add younger generations, but for now this page is all about the past.  We may not have known the people in these pages but without them we wouldn't be here. 

This site is dedicated to Granny.  We all love and miss you.

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