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Spencer - Yung Family History

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The First Generation

Henry & Sophia Enders


The Second Generation

John & Nellie Spencer

Henry & Otillia Schroeder

Jacob & Sophia Yung

Henry & Mary Weitzel


The Third Generation

Arthur & Rose Spencer

Nicholas & Rose Yung


The Fourth Generation

Alfred & Agnes Spencer


The Fifth, Sixth & Seventh Generations - 

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The History of the Spencer Family
A Time Capsule to the Future
By Richard Spencer

The Spencer Family history was written for the whole family, but especially for Claire, Mackenzie, Corrine, Ari, Ryan, Sevrin, Tyler, and Allison - The Seventh Generation.

The names, the places, and the dates in this history were checked and rechecked.  A few names or dates may still be incorrect.  As you dig deeper into the past, information does become less reliable.  People change spouses and downplay the fact.  Some people changed their German names to avoid association with America's enemy in two world wars.

Children of children of aunts and uncles are recorded in some parts of the tree, and not in others, depending on information available.  Due to limitations of space and interest, people were not documented who are more than three or four siblings removed from the main family line.  Some people's stories are more detailed than other people's stories.  This is simply because more information was available about some people.  Living people are referred to in the past tense because this story was written to be read in the future, when the present, will in fact, be the past.

Agnes Spencer is the greatest single source of information for this family history.  Her memories of people and events provide most of the framework.  This story could not have been written without her.

Richard Alfred Arnold Spencer, April 23rd, 2002

*Since the time this book was published Agnes Spencer passed away and some new information has been found. There will be addendums added as we uncover new things.

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