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Spencer - Yung Family History

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   The First, Second, Third, and Fourth Generations

The First Generation

Henry & Sophia Enders


The Second Generation

John & Nellie Spencer

Henry & Otillia Schroeder

Jacob & Sophia Yung

Henry & Mary Weitzel


The Third Generation

Arthur & Rose Spencer

Nicholas & Rose Yung


The Fourth Generation

Alfred & Agnes Spencer


The Fifth, Sixth & Seventh Generations - 

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Henry and Sophia Enders

Henry and Sophia Enders lived a generation before anyone in this history. Sophia was born in Germany on July 25th, 1844 . Her father’s name was Henry Schuster; her mother’s name is unknown. She came to the United States when she was about 23 years old. She married another Henry; Henry Enders, and they had two girls, Mary A., and Catherine, and three boys, John, Joseph, and Michael. Sophia died of a stroke, on June 10th, 1924 , at the age of 79, in her home on 577 Broadway Street , in Buffalo . She was a widow. She rests in the Weitzel family plot in the United German and French cemetery , section FF, lot 73. The location of Henry’s grave is not known.

Henry and Sophia’s Children

Mary A. Enders married Henry Weitzel. They are our direct ancestors. Their story is written below in the second generation.

Catherine Enders married Henry Himmelsbeck. It is said that they had no children, but it seems that they raised a child named Elsie.  Kate Himmelsbeck lived on Roswell Street , in a little cottage probably built for her by her brother Michael.

John Enders never married and moved to Chicago . He bought an elegant rooming house, and lived well from the proceeds. Agnes Spencer remembers going to Chicago to visit John’s place.

Joseph Enders married Mildred Wittenhower.

Michael G. Enders married Loretta  Eberhardt. They lived on Roswell Street . They had two children, Kenneth and Warren.   Warren moved to Columbus Ohio .  Loretta moved to Hamburg .  She died May 10th, 1998 .

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John and Nellie Spencer

John was born in Canada in 1862.  He was a carpenter by trade. Nellie Smith was born in Scotland in 1865 , immigrated to Canada ,  and married John. They moved to the United States between 1884 and 1887. He was about 23. She was about 20. They had already had two children. They lived in a section of West Seneca  that would later become Lackawanna .  After five more children, John and Nellie vanished without a trace. The children stayed in the area and raised their families.

The only record that I was able to find documenting the presence of John and Nellie was the 1892 census. They can neither be found in the next census, nor in city directories in Buffalo . The city directories list their children but not John and Nellie.

The City of Buffalo and the State of New York do not have records of John and Nellie’s deaths. Their names are absent from their son Arthur’s obituary, which usually means they are long gone or deceased. Inquiries to the cemeteries in Fort Erie , Canada , produced no results. The major cemeteries in this area do not shelter their remains. I have wandered through inactive cemeteries in the suburbs of Buffalo , searching for their names on tombstones. To further muddy the waters, the town hall housing vital statistics in West Seneca , which may have had some record of them, was destroyed by fire in the 1930’s.

It is a mystery how all of their children settle and stay locally, and yet, there is neither record nor memory of John and Nellie. Even stranger yet, when I asked my aunt Sis (Rosemarie Carnes) in 1996, to tell me about her grandparents, John and Nellie, she not only knew nothing about her grandparents, her facial expression indicated amazement that I would even ask such a question. She was actually surprised that I knew her grand parents names.

Agnes, my mother, said that her husband Alfred never mentioned his grand parents, John and Nellie.

John and Nellie’s Children

Arthur Aloysius Spencer married Rose Matilda Schroeder. They are our direct ancestors. Their story is written below, in the third generation.

Charles Rayfield Spencer was born in Welland , Ontario , Canada , in 1882. He made a living as a cabinetmaker. In the 1920’s and ‘30s, he lived at 1145 Niagara Street in Buffalo .  He married Mary Murray and had three children with her: Charles, William, Helen, and June. Charles Rayfield Spencer died on August 5th, 1937 , at the age of 56, and now rests in the Chapel Lawn section, lot 45C, grave 1, in Elmlawn Cemetery , next to Mary. Their graves have no markers.

Charles Rayfield Spencer ’s son, Charles William Spencer, was born December 14th, 1917 . He first married Mabel Croad . Then he married Dolores J. Schlenker . They lived at 289 Hoyt Street in Buffalo , in the 1970’s. He owned a tavern. Charles William died in 1971, as a result of an automobile accident on Niagara Street . He rests near his wife Dolores, and his sister Helen, in 4th Station of the Cross, lot 266, grave 3, in Mount Olivet Cemetery , Tonawanda , New York . Dolores died on February 6th, 2001 , at the age of 77. Charles William and Dolores were the parents of Dianna L. Spencer .

Dianna Spencer was employed at NAPA , an auto parts dealer. She was a friend of my sister Carol, who also worked at NAPA . Dianna had a sister Joy M.,  and two brothers: Charles R.,  and James F. Spencer.

Charles Rayfield Spencer’s daughter Helen married three times; first to a Chambers , then to a Brennen , and finally, to a Patton .

Charles Rayfield Spencer’s daughter, June,  was actually born in Canada  but was unaware of the fact until she was made to register as an alien during World War II. She first married Norman L. Reynolds , then Charles E. Duge , and finally, Robert J. Carson . She died May 27th, 1998 , at the age of 84.

Martha L. Spencer  was born in Canada in 1884. She married George Drummond . She and George had a boy and a girl, and ended up with five grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. She was a widow and was living at 402 Linwood Avenue in North Tonawanda  at the time of her death on March 17th, 1960 . She is buried next to her sister Nellie in Mount Olivet Cemetery,  in the Holy Family Garden, lot B. Martha Drummond’s grave is unmarked. George is not buried near her.

Nellie Spencer  was born in West Seneca on September 11th, 1888 . When she married Owen Sulvia , she already had two sons, Frank and Bert Jackson . In 1925, Owen listed his occupation as carpenter, and their residence as 1425 Niagara Street in Buffalo . In 1941, he and Nellie owned a restaurant at 2660 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo .  When I saw the site in April of 2001, it was a defunct restaurant named The Saratoga. They had four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Owen was born October 22nd, 1886 , and died June 6th, 1945 . Nellie died February 21st, 1957 . They rest together with Nellie’s sister Martha, in the Holy Family Garden ; lot B, graves 23, 24, and 25.

William J. Spencer  was born in 1888, probably in West Seneca . In 1941, the city directory lists a William J. Spencer as a cabinetmaker, living on 370 Bird Street , Buffalo , with his wife Helen.  Twelve years later William Spencer’s obituary states that he had been living in Dunkirk  with his wife W. Gertrude (Kiska)  at the time of his death April 27th, 1953 . He and Gertrude had two girls. He is buried with W. Gertrude in the Masonic Lawn section of Elmlawn , lot 45 C, grave #1.

Albert F. Spencer  was born around 1893, probably in West Seneca . In 1941, he listed his occupation as porter and an address at 2660 Delaware Avenue , which was Owens’s restaurant. We lose track of him after that time.

Elmer H. Spencer  was born around 1895, probably in West Seneca . In 1920, he was a mechanic living at 1145 Niagara Street . By 1925, he listed himself a salesman living on 254 Plymouth Street , in Buffalo . I did not find any more information on Elmer.

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Henry and Otilla Schroeder

We have little information about Henry  and Otilla . They probably emigrated from Germany ,  and settled in Buffalo , in or around the 1880s. Henry may have also been known by the name Wadcinski.  Otilla’s maiden name was Wolschleger . Her Mother’s name may have been Bartz . This sparse information comes from Rose Sommer’s death certificate.

Henry and Otilla’s Children

Rose Matilda married Arthur Aloysius Spencer. They are our direct ancestors. That story is written in the third generation, which follows.

Lydia L. Schroeder   was born and lived in Buffalo .  She attended Bethlehem Presbyterian Church on 346 Bird Street . She married twice. Her first husband was Roscoe Snell . Together they had five children, named George,  Roscoe,  Russell,  Doris,  and Audrey.  Later she married Fred Meyer.   Lydia died October 29th, 1983 . The Link-Fox Funeral home on 355 Grant Street handled the arrangements.

Mildred D. Schroeder  lived in Buffalo . She married Roy E. Howard  Sr. Together they became the parents of four children: Shirley , Roy E. Jr., Richard , and Alan . Shirley married a man by the name of Lampert .

Matilda Schroeder  was nicknamed “Tillie”.  She married a man named Dowling .

Gertrude, Mary, Elmer and Paul Schroeder.  Little information has been unearthed regarding these offspring of Henry and Otilla. Gertrude may have married a man named Banks .

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Jacob and Sophie Yung

Jacob was born in Mannheim Kuts,   Germany , in 1863. It is thought that he originally spelled his name Jung , which is the German spelling. The City of Buffalo directory lists his occupation as watchman in 1920. A number of pictures of Jacob exist in Rose Yung’s collection. He usually looks very serious.

Sophie was born Sophie Sneider  in 1868, in Alsace-Lorraine.  She usually has a pixie smile in her pictures in Rose’s collection. From about 1920 on, Jacob and Sophie lived at 22 Calumet Street ,  in Buffalo . Jacob died in 1948. Sophie died two years later. They are buried in the northwest section of Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery , on Niagara Street in Buffalo .

Jacob and Sophie’s Children

Nicholas J. Yung married Rose Weitzel. They are our direct ancestors. Their story appears in the third generation, which follows.

Frank Yung was born about 1895. He married Julia Simon , and together they had three children: Rita,  Dorothy , and Edward.  He is listed as residing at 22 Calumet in the 1941 Buffalo City Directory. There is a Frank Yung buried in Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery on April 20th, 1963 , who may be him.

Sophie E. Yung  was a stenographer. Her father, Jacob, arranged for a man named Eugene Schneider  to emigrate from Germany  possibly to marry one of his daughters, Sophie or Teresa. Eugene found the pretty and vivacious Teresa  to be his favorite and he married her. Sophie ended up owning a house by herself on Garfield Street  that had two apartments. It was located right across from Calumet Street . I lived in the upper apartment with my parents, Alfred and Agnes Spencer, and later my sister Carolyn, until about 1951.

Sophie never married. She died on June 2nd, 1975 , and is buried in Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery .

Teresa B. Yung  married the aforementioned Eugene and had just one son, who also was named Eugene . They originally lived on 20 Calumet Street . Eugene, the son, played the marimba, a freestanding instrument with wooden sounding boards, now little played. He married Marie Lois Rinsfleish . They had a daughter named Deborah.

Teresa died April 19th, 1975 , and is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery , Infant of Prague section, lot #48, grave two. Teresa’s husband Eugene, who was born in 1904, died in 1967. He rests next to Teresa.

Charles A. Yung  married twice. He and his first wife, Ester, had three children: Sophia, Billy, and Ruth. He and his second wife, Clara E  (nee Eisenbeis)  had two boys and a girl: Charles A, Donald E., and Ruth. The only information that I have is that he died before July 4th 1980 .

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Henry Weitzel and Mary A. Enders

Henry  was born in Germany  about 1863. He came to the United States and married Mary A. Enders . Mary was the child of the Henry and Sophia Enders described above. Mary was born in the United States in about 1867. They were members of Saint Mary Magdalen’s church . Mary and Henry had three girls and four boys.

Henry Weitzel died June 22nd, 1913 , at 50 years of age. He is buried in the Weitzel family plot in the United German and French cemetery , section FF, lot 73. I believe we have no photographs of him because he died just before Kodak popularized home photography. Mary lived as a widow in the home at 127 Box Street in Buffalo for another 37 years. I remember her as my “Gramma Weitzel”. She passed away October 8th, 1950 , having lived for 84 years. She rests next to Henry.

As a side note, Anna and John Winklmann  are also buried in the Weitzel family plot. Anna is the right age, born in 1864, to have been Henry or Mary’s sister, but we do not actually know whom the Winklmanns are.

Henry and Mary’s Children

Rose Anna Maria Weitzel married Nicholas J. Yung. They are our direct ancestors. Their story is written in the third generation, which follows.

Elizabeth (Ella) Weitzel  was born in 1892. She married Joseph Fisher  and they had a daughter, Juliet. Ella died in June 11th, 1972 . Joseph died May 3rd, 1983 , at the age of 92. They are both buried in the Weitzel family plot in the United German and French cemetery , section FF, lot 73. Charles H. Fisher , who died when he was three months old, is buried between them.

Mayme Weitzel  was born in 1888, in Buffalo . She married Joseph Stroh, who came from Cologne , Germany .  They had four children:  Elvira, Ruth, Jerome, and Wilbert. She died in 1972, at 84 years of age.

George Weitzel  was born in Buffalo on August 3rd, 1895 . He married twice. His first wife was named Hilda . The second was Thelma.  He died on March 8th, 1982 , and is buried in Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park , Pinellas County , Florida .

Arthur Weitzel  married a woman named Edna.  Together they had a daughter named Deanna .

Harry Weitzel  married a woman named Jean  and they had a boy by the name of Harry Jr.  Harry Jr. married a lady by the name of Marie.  Harry Sr. died in 1969.

Charles Weitzel was born in 1894. He married a woman by the name of Celeste,  and they had five children: Charles,   Bernadine ,   Lorraine ,  Eleanor,  and Nancy. Charles lived in Detroit , Michigan .  He died in 1959, at the age of 64.

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Arthur Aloysius Spencer and Rose Matilda Schroeder

Arthur Spencer  was born in Lackawanna , on February 21st, 1895 , the son of Nellie and John. He served in the United States Marines during World War I. After the war, he sold and serviced marine engines. During this time, he lived and worked at 557 Tonawanda Street in Riverside , New York . In 1932, Arthur sold brewing supplies. He was a member of the East Street Methodist church.

Rose Schroeder  was born on June 19th, 1898 , in Buffalo , the daughter of Otilla and Henry. She achieved a grade school education and became a cook and a housewife. She married Arthur and they had three boys named Arthur, Alfred, Robert, and a girl named Rosemarie. In 1919, the family lived at 1242 Niagara Street . In the late 1920’s, they lived in a house on Fix road  on Grand Island . Later they moved to 42 Royal Street  in the Riverside  section of Buffalo .

Arthur died on March 8th, 1936 , at the age of 41, in Batavia , New York . There is some question about an explosion in an industrial accident. The facts are not clear. The coroner’s report gives the cause of death as heart disease. He is buried in the serviceman’s section 19, grave number 258, Forest Lawn Cemetery  in Buffalo .

After Arthur’s death, Rose Spencer married  a quiet man, named Thomas John Sommer. She and Thomas continued living at 42 Royal Avenue , in Riverside , New York . Thomas was born on December 23rd, 1895 . He worked for the railroad. Thomas and Rose adopted a girl named Noreen when they were older, in about their late forties.

Tommy died on January 30th, 1962 , at the age of 66. Rose died about a year later, on February 2nd, 1963 , at the age of 64. They are buried together in Elm lawn cemetery,  in the Chapel Hill Knoll, site 127, in Tonawanda , New York . There are no markers on their graves.

Arthur and Rose’s Children

Alfred W. Spencer married Agnes Yung. They are our direct ancestors. Their story is written below in the fourth generation.

Arthur E. Spencer was born in Buffalo , New York . His nickname (or alias, if you will) was Jimmie. Arthur was a salesman and a laborer who lived in the rear of 557 Tonawanda Street from about to 1935 to about 1940. He had a bit of a reputation in the family for antisocial behavior. He married a woman by the name of Marie Geist.  They had three boys. Their son Arthur  married Diana and ended up in Phoenix , Arizona . Arthur’s second son Robert  married Geraldine  and went to San Diego , California . Their last son, Thomas M ., married Candis DeWyer.  The couple had Shawn, Martin, Lori, and Joel, and stayed here in Western New York . Thomas died on November 3rd, 1999 , and was cremated.

Jimmie is most likely the Arthur E. buried in the Veteran’s section 19, plot 22, grave 23, in Forest Lawn. Marie passed away in San Diego , California ,   March 18th, 1997 .

Robert F. Spencer was born in Buffalo , in 1921, and lived at 557 Tonawanda Street . Eventually he moved to Lyons , New York , a village located 105 miles East of Buffalo. Bob worked for the railroad. He and his wife, Jenny,  had two girls and a boy. The oldest girl was named Roberta Spencer,  but everybody called her Bobby. Her married name is Bonaell. Jenny and Bob’s boy’s name was Glen.  The younger girl was known as Becky.

When I was about 10 years old in 1951, I stayed with Uncle Bob’s family for a week. Old farmland and orchards surrounded their home. I played in the woods, went fishing with Uncle Bob, and had a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed the family bath on Saturday night in a tub in the kitchen. Aunt Jenny brought all the water from the well in buckets, and heated the water on the stove. Seems improbable now, but I remember all the children sharing the same bath water.

I did not like getting up in the morning to go to a cold outhouse. The family was living 25 years behind the folks in the cities, but that did not seem to bother them. Television did not exist. In the evening, the entertainment consisted of sitting on the front porch watching Uncle Bob drink beer and shoot flies with a marvelous new invention, the pressurized bug spray can. After the sun went down and the fireflies lit their tails, we went to bed.

Uncle Bob died on April 5th, 1975 , and is buried in Lyons South Cemetery , on Geneva road.

Rosemarie Spencer  was born in Buffalo on July 30th, 1924 . Because she was a girl with three older brothers, she was known as “Sis”. When the next generation came along, she became an Aunt. Since her name was already established as “Sis”, she then became “Aunt Sis”. It took me a long time before I understood the reason why she was called “Aunt Sis”. Anyhow, she married an imposing looking man by the name of John Carnes  who made a living driving a truck that carried explosives. That earned him more money than driving an ordinary truck. However, the explosives did make people nervous. They settled down in a home at 3120 Hartland Road  in Gasport , New York . They raised five children: John, Dale, Ronald, Cora and Michael.

Tommy and Rose’s Child

Rose and Tommy adopted Noreen Sommer  at a time when they were well up in years. She was born of an affair between Rose’s philandering brother Paul , and a woman by the name of Mickey who lived in Rochester .

Noreen attended the Ripley Memorial Methodist Church  at 215 East Street in Black Rock area of Buffalo . She married a man by the name of Satrang . They had two children, Shannon and Kelly, and then broke up. Noreen and her children moved around the country. She worked hard and rose in the ranks of the Marriott Corporation . In 1997, she was living in New Jersey .

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Nicholas J. Yung and Rose Anna Maria Weitzel

Nicholas was born in Buffalo , in 1890, the son of Sophie and Jacob. He attended St. Francis Xavier School . He worked for 13 years as a streetcar conductor for the International Railway Company, (IRC). Later he worked for the Dupont Chemical Company in the rayon division.

Rose Anna Maria Weitzel  was born in 1891, also in Buffalo , the daughter of Mary and Henry. She married Nicholas and they had three girls and three boys. In 1916, they built the house at 590 Tonawanda Street ,  in Riverside , New York .

Nicholas made wine in the basement and filtered it with filter paper he got from Dupont. Nicholas belonged to the Holy Name Society at Saint Francis Xavier Church. He died in his home on Tonawanda Street , July 19th, 1948 , at the age of 58.

Grandma Yung was special to me. We would sail on a ferryboat across lake Erie to Crystal Beach  amusement park in Canada . The boat was named “Canadianna”. I loved hanging over the railing and watching the waves go by. After her husband died, my dad built a house for her two doors from our house at 202 Ferndale Avenue . I visited her often. She would eat Limburger cheese and onion sandwiches, and drink a couple of beers at night. She was a widow, so it was not a problem to anybody.

Rose died in Tonawanda in July of 1971, at 80 years of age. Rose and Nicholas rest together in the Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery  on Niagara Street , where the south road bends north. Crystal Beach and the Canadianna are long since gone.

Nicholas and Rose’s Children

Agnes Yung married Alfred Spencer. They are our direct ancestors. Their story is written in the forth generation below.

George Yung was born in Buffalo about 1912. First, he married Dorothy Fisher . They divorced. Then he married Margaret Lengyel . The couple lived at 23 Girard Place  in the city of Buffalo . He worked as a credit manager for the Don Johnson Company. They had three children named: Martha, Thomas and Mary. George died in 1970, at the age of 58. Margaret died April 25th, 1998 . They rest in the Saint Anne de Beaupre section of Mount Olivet Cemetery  in Tonawanda , New York . Their graves are unmarked.

George and Margaret’s daughter, Martha, married Michael Schwing . They live at 58 Polish Place , Buffalo , New York .

Mary married Eric Winterkorn . Thomas married a woman named Lynne.

Beatrice Yung was born in 1913, at 590 Tonawanda Street in Riverside , New York . She died in 1927, in the living room at 590 Tonawanda Street , when she was about 14 years of age. She is buried in the Northwest quadrant of Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery  on Niagara Street , next to her grandparents, Jacob and Sophie Yung.

Richard Frank Yung was born at home, 590 Tonawanda Street , with the aid of a mid-wife, January 3rd, 1918 . He graduated from high school and went to work for Curtis Wright Aircraft. He married Lillian McConville  on January 10th, 1940 , and they moved to California . They had two children. He worked for the Flying Tigers Airline, as a manager of data processing for the rest of his life. Lillian died of cancer in October of 1971. Richard married Celia Fry  on November 16th, 1973 . They lived in Mission Hills California . Richard died early in the year 2000.

Richard and Lillian’s son Richard Joseph Yung,  was born February 7th, 1942 , in Burbank , California . He married Patricia Bondar July 3rd, 1965 . They had two boys: David Allan, and Christopher John.

Richard and Lillian’s daughter, Nancy Jane, was born in Burbank , California , on June 22nd, 1945 .   Nancy married Charles Stivers   August 19th, 1969 . They adopted Kip Anthony and Kara Leanne.

Eleanor Theresa Yung  was born in Riverside , on August 6th, 1923 . She had a sunny, outgoing, personality. She graduated from high school, and became employed as a bookkeeper. She married Arnold Joseph Campbell , a man two years her senior, who was born in New York City , June 15th, 1921 . Arnie was a larger than life kind of guy who was always ready to sell something, mostly flashy cars, or buy some thing, also mostly flashy cars. Or go out for a night on the town. He served in the armed forces in World War II. Arnie and Eleanor moved to California and had three children. They lived on 5427 Spencer Lane in Carlsbad , California . Arnold Campbell died in California , September 11th, 1999 , at the age of 78.

Eleanor and Arnie’s first child, Kathleen Rose, was born January 27th, 1948 . She married twice, first to a Freeland, then to Steve Parker .

Eleanor and Arnie’s second child was Scott Lawrence,  who was a chip off the old Arnie Block, as far I can tell. He worked as a tuna fisherman for many years, and later became a free-lance building contractor. In the year 2000, he took his mother on a trip of the North American continent by car and by boat. They ended up in Western New York . Sisters Eleanor and Agnes had a good long visit. Carolyn, Scott, and I had a few beers.

Eleanor and Arnie’s third child, Curt James,  was born on February 9th, 1956 . He died at the age of 16 in a motorcycle accident.

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Alfred William Spencer and Agnes Mary Dorothy Yung

Alfred was born the son of Rose and Arthur, October 14th, 1919 . He lived on Fix Road on Grand Island  from about the age of 8 to about the age of 12. He studied cabinetmaking in high school. He first worked at the Dunlop Tire manufacturing plant, then later at the Chevrolet Auto Plant.

Agnes was born January 6th, 1921 , the daughter of Rose and Nicholas. She graduated from Riverside High School , and became employed as a clerk-typist. Agnes married Alfred on November 5th, 1940 . I was born while they lived on 105 Gorton Street in Riverside  in 1941. In September of 1944, Alfred went into the army. While he fought in World War II in Europe , my mother and I went to live with her parents, Nicholas and Rose, on 590 Tonawanda Street . Alfred came home from Europe in 1946, and the family moved to the upper apartment on 128 Garfield Street . Carolyn Ann Rose was born in 1948. The post-war housing boom provided a good living for my dad. He used his woodworking skills to construct cabinets in the kitchens of the houses being built. Alfred built the house on 190 Ferndale Avenue  and we moved in about 1951. He later built the house at 202 Ferndale for Agnes’ mother, Rose Yung, after her husband Nicholas died. Alfred played horseshoes avidly and very well. He was an outgoing and friendly man who was well liked by everyone. Alfred died on September 6th, 1965 , of congestive heart failure. He rests in Mount Olivet Cemetery , Infant of Prague section, four rows up from the road, slightly left of center, section 49, grave 3.

Alfred and Agnes’ Children 

Richard Spencer married Carol Ann Schwartz. Carolyn Ann Rose married Ronald Kirkwood. Both of the stories are appear in the fifth generation.

Paul Francis Gore and Agnes Spencer

Paul was born on April 20th, 1928 , in Conemaugh , Pennsylvania .  He worked for the Town of Tonawanda , in the Forestry Division, for many years. He and his first wife had a daughter, Phyllis Noel.  Phyllis moved to Binghamton , New York to attend college. There she married Alan Deyo , and they had a daughter, Stephanie,  and a son, Brandon. The family lived at 215 Rundall Place in Binghamton , New York .

Paul’s first wife died of cancer.

Paul married Agnes Spencer  on September 2nd, 1971 . He enjoyed holidays and social events with all of the family until his death on January 10th, 2002 . He rests in lot 20, grave 4, in the Infant of Prague section of Mount Olivet cemetery .

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